The older among these quotes are from emails and testomonials from colleauges at the University of Stirling, where I used to work as a Senior IT Advisor.

“Oron Joffe has been attending to my computers for several years. I appreciate the way Oron approaches his work and I highly recommend him. As someone who relies on a computer but doesn’t have any expertise, Oron has provided me with an honest and affordable solution to most computer problems. He’s a reliable and knowledgeable technician; and he explains what he is doing, so I often learn something from the experience.”

Dr. Tim FItzgerald, Stirling

"The service I have received from Oron at Dunedin Computing has not just been efficient, prompt and problem-solving but also  a learning process. Oron has patiently and clearly explained things about computers that had previously been a mystery to me for years. I am so glad to have Dunedin Computing in my life."
Sue Fyvel, Edinburgh

"I've needed to contact Oron more than once regarding my iMac. On each occasion he successfully solved the problem I was having within just a few minutes of picking up the phone. Oron combines deep specialist knowledge, impressive analytical skills, the ability to use non-technical language (if necessary) and a friendly, patient approach. All that and he charges very reasonable rates too. I can recommend him without reservation."

Peter Meech, Sherborne, Dorset

"Dear Oron,


I am not sure if I have told you how much I am enjoying the network and the printer arrangements that you have set up for us. To be wireless, to have dual screen, to have a printer that can do double sided printing and copying, to be able to scan and all this is fast and easy to use.  I am very happy!!!  Thank you so much for all your help. Please quote me if you like. "

Margaret Angell

A recent, longer testimonial from Dr Margaret Cook.

"Dear Oron,

I am delighted with all the new props you have given me – and have started to use them!  ... You have provided me with with crucial tools that will make the tasks I have set myself far easier to manage. The now immaculate pc is working smoothly and I am reassured to know you are available to sort out future problems."

Barbara Barnett

London, UK


Happily scanning away now thanks to your remote installation of a new  scanner via TeamViewer, which was reassuringly straightforward to use. Spooky to watch the cursor zipping round the screen as you accessed the CD in my PC and scanned the magazine page - look, no hands! Quite amazing. A great facility, and saves on time and fuel! 

Dr Tessa Carroll

"Oron provides excellent IT troubleshooting services and advice---even for clients thousands of miles away! I had a malware problem that was severely compromising my internet safety and even my sanity, and Oron was able to troubleshoot it and instruct me on what steps to take to ensure that the problem would not re-occur. I plan to call on Oron for all my IT needs in the future." 

Miriam Cisternas

Carlsbad, CA, USA

"As a retired person, I have needed advice about hardware and software, how  to purchase and evaluate computing equipment,  the ways of making best use of it and a host of agonies that I have encountered during that use.  Oron Joffe has been a tower of strength, expertise and patience as he has led me through what is often a mysterious dark forest and out into the light.  He is extremely supportive and never even hints that I am an idiot when it comes to computing.  To know that I can contact him for help about the most trivial of problems, as well as first rate up-to-date information about what is available in the field, provides me with a great sense of security."

Sally Brown, Bridge of Allan 

"... devastatingly efficient!"
Dr Corinne Fowler

"Oron is quite ‘simply the best’ when it comes to  IT advice and support.  He knows exactly what he is talking about but more than this, he  takes the time and trouble to find out what it is you need before giving all the options without any of the pressure. In ten years I have never known him to be defeated on IT!"
Dr Alison Jasper

"Oron has helped an inordinate number of our students (and staff)."
Professor Vernon Gayle

"Thank you for all the computer help and advice which you have given to me since I started at the University in September 2004. I received help from your seemingly limitless store of computer knowledge which you presented in a friendly and non-patronising way."

Ellis Bolton, Computing Technician

"Dear Oron

I very much appreciate all the advice and help you've given me over the years. The combination of high-quality technical expertise, knowledge, enthusiasm and people skills that you embody will be much missed. Another organization will no doubt soon gain considerably from the University's short-sightedness in letting you go."

Michael Wheeler

To who it may concern,

I worked at Stirling University first as a PhD student, then as a teaching fellow between 2001-December 2005. Much of Oron's success in his job can be attributed to his sheer intellectualism and likeability. Efficient, helpful and highly effective, Oron is the best Information Services subject specialists you could ever have hoped for. While at Stirling, I was found Oron was quick to diagnose a problem and always determined to minimise the possibility of future technical hitches (often generated because of some inexpertise on my part). He was always encouraging a higher degree of technical knowledge on my part, partly through recommending targeted further training and partly by means of on-the-spot advice. He had just about every subject-specific source at his tingertips and gently nudged me to risk trying new software that made my life so much easier in the long run. Most fundamentally, however, Oron is one of those rare individuals who can render complex information immediately understandable. He is an expect in managing technophobic people and nudging them towards the next level of competence. He is the human face of information support systems and his sincere intellectual engagement with a range of subject-related topics meant his had a sound understanding of an academic's needs. Extremely popular, highly capable and devastatingly efficient, it would be hard to recommend him too highly,

Corinne Fowler

I have worked with Oron Joffe regularly since coming to the University of Stirling in 2001. Oron has been an endless source of useful information on all matters concerning computers - in terms of building and rebuilding hardware, ensuring that PCs run smoothly, and identfying useful software for use at home and on campus. Oron is never too busy to take the time to solve other people's problems, and is equally at home conversing with people from a range of computing abilities; patient with people who are novices and informative in the extreme for those with more knowledge. Oron has been a valued colleague and will be greatly missed.

Dr Mark Priestley

Senior Lecturer in Education/Editor Scottish Educational Review  

...  I was very sorry to hear that you are having to leave us and just wanted to thank you for all the incredibly hard work you've done in the past years, and particularly for all the help you've given me with patience and enthusiasm at all times. Like many others, I'll be sorry to see you go, and wish you all the very best for the future. ...

Dr Cristina Johnston

School of Languages, Cultures and Religions

Dear Jim.

As a new colleague in my department I was very impressed with Oron’s good-humoured and generous approach to getting me settled into a new IT environment. At no time were my ill-informed and crass questions too much trouble. Oron has a rare skill - being able to facilitate a client’s technical requirements while advising a slightly better way of doing this that would not have occurred to you. He is the consummate 'agony aunt' of IT.

Dr. Alastair Mann

Lecturer in Scottish History

Dear Oron,

I am very sorry that you have to leave the University.

From the first day I came to Stirling in autumn 2006 I experienced the excellent support you have been able to give us. I had never had the opportunity to be able to count on a computing liaison officer and therefore know how difficult it is to extract intelligible information from computer experts.

In your case the combination of IT knowledge with that of what a Humanities researcher needs has been extremely helpful. I cannot remember any topic I asked you about that you wouldn't have explained to me in the most clear and detailed way. Technical problems were always sorted out very quickly.

I am very sorry that the University should think that this kind of qualified liaison staff can be 'redundant', and if I had to describe your personal professional support, I would say: very knowledgeable and competent in your field, excellent communicative capacities with non-IT colleagues, always reliable, friendly and acting fast.

I am sure you will find a similar field in which to be able to apply and practice your comprehensive (not only IT) knowledge and communicative skills.

All the best,

Dr Sabine Dedenbach-Salazar

Senior Lecturer in Latin American and Amerindian Studies 

School of Languages, Cultures and Religions

I have known Oron Joffe for a considerable number of years. He has been, amongst his many other duties, the chief Computing Advisor for the Politics Department of the University of Stirling. I think his contribution can best be summed up by the unanimous feeling of the Department that his departure will be a grievous loss. He has played an indispensable role on sorting out computer problems, and offering advice and training on a whole range of computer-related issues.

Speaking personally, I owe a great debt to Oron who has always been unstinting in his willingness to help and whose grasp of how computers work has been truly awesome. He has acquired a range of skills, experience and insights which have enabled him to make a major contribution to the work of the university. Oron is not only much admired and respected at Stirling but very well liked, as a most friendly and congenial colleague.

He will not easily be replaced. Stirling University’s loss will be some other organisation’s great gain!

Dr Eric Shaw

School of History and Politics

Dear Oron, I saw this message only now. I am not coming to the building, so don't know the reason for which you have to leave. I am working on 16th unfortunately. Can I just say that you were so enormously helpful with all my enquiries. You provided the information to a non-specialist in IT the way that I understood about computers more than ever, and I received such a valuable help and advice equally on my personal IT related enquiries. I found your knowlege to be extremely sound.

I hope you are not too sad to leave the University - very often having to look for new places enrich ourselves. I wish you all the best success in your carrier and I am just sad that I won't see you in Uni when....

Rasa Luzyte

PhD Student

I am an emeritus professor of English Studies at the University of Stirling and came to know Oron Joffe over many years. He is clearly a person with a great range of interests as well as skills. His professional expertise was without question, but this was combined with an enquiring mind which meant that he was interested in the ends and not simply the means of any problem that he was faced with. He assisted my work and that of numerous colleagues in a whole number of ways, always displaying a sympathetic concern for the difficulties of those struggling with information technology. He seemed to me uniquely gifted for the post he held at the University of Stirling and would be an outstanding appointment for work involving any aspect of information technology including at the very highest level. I am at a loss to understand why the University of Stirling is willing to let him go.

Professor Grahame Smith (Emeritus)

Department of English Studies

I am an emeritus professor of English Studies at the University of Stirling and I worked with Oron Joffe for many years. I can say without exaggeration that he was an exceptionally gifted colleague. His professional IT skills are superb but others probably have similar skills. What is special about him is his general intelligence. He is extremely well-read and well informed, and understood, when I was very dependent on his advice, what I was hoping to achieve intellectually in showing students paintings and images that were contemporary with the texts they were reading. He went to endless trouble in the early days of scanning and powerpoint to reproduce paintings accurately, and gave me patient advice about how to scan pictures myself. I was slow to learn but he remained tirelessly cheerful, encouraging and courteous. He was also absolutely dependable. Though he was always very busy he responded to telephone or email messages and let his colleagues know when he would be able to deal with their problem. I thought the University of Stirling was extremely fortunate to have such an extraordinarily imaginative, sympathetic and talented employee. 

Professor Angela Smith (emeritus)

Department of English Studies

To Whom It May Concern,

It has been my pleasure to work with Oron Joffe for more than a decade, during which time I have needed his technical support and advice on numerous occasions. I have always found him prompt in offering help, generous with his time, to the extent of giving assistance in his own time and, most importantly, accurate in his analysis of my problems and proficient in curing them. One of Oron's strengths is that he is able to communicate with clarity to the technically efficient and the technically illiterate (like me). I have been in other institutions where similar support has been inferior in every respect and must say that timely and sound support such as Oron Joffe has given makes a huge difference in this technological age to one's ability to do one's job as an academic. I know that all my colleagues are equally impressed with his work. Oron Joffe is charming, helpful and extremely proficient and I would have no hesitation in recommending him strongly to any potential employer.

Stephen Ingle,

Emeritus Professor of Politics

A good and characteristic illustration of the quality of computing help I received from Oron is the preparation of online material for a Hauptseminar in the University of Passau. I needed, urgently, a repertoire of illustrations of French Resistance war memorials, from my own photographic slides. Oron was prompt and meticulous in his approach, checking quality of image, labelling, and classification; guiding me on what sort of explanatory text I had to provide, and how the images could be displayed legibly and engagingly. Not only were the materials readily accessible from Passau, but they were subsequently developed for incorporation into a WebCT teaching unit at Stirling, and remain a convenient tool in my own research. A single request for help turned into a whole network of intelligent support.

Oron was endlessly patient, calm and clear when coping with my computer phobias! He knows how to instil confidence. His manner with colleagues and students is always professional: he has regularly taken the initiative to bring to colleagues’ attention new technical aids or developments which he keeps pace with, and of which he perceives the relevance for others. On a personal level he is very reassuring, helpful and utterly reliable. Because he is both innovative and mindful of people’s needs, he will return eagerly with a fresh idea or a different approach to a problem, if he discovers the first one could be bettered.

Obviously, Oron is extremely hard-working: he puts in long hours because he does what I have described, and is discriminating. He must really love his work to remain so assiduous, pleasant and ‘investigative’ about how a task can best be handled! He is artistic, and has a good eye: so for example, when he prepared powerpoint photographs for a lecture I gave about the Stirling University Art Collection, he deftly enhanced the image contrast to make details clear for the specialist audience. Stirling has developed some excellent student support facilities, and in this area, as in so many others, we have been signally fortunate to have Oron’s expertise, rigour, dependability - and unflagging enthusiasm.

Helen E Beale

Lecturer in French (Retired)

I would like to thank you for all your help and advice over the past couple of years. Even although you are not our IT  contact you always took the time to answer my questions, no matter how trivial they were. You are also my font of knowledge for Apple Mac queries too.

Morag Crawford

Departmental Administrator

Department of Applied Social Science