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Using your HP Scanner

There are several ways to use the scanner, all of them 'correct'. The instructions below describe a very basic method, which is suitable for scanning a few pages at a time.

Launch scanner software

Open the Mac's Finder (e.g. by double clickingt the  'Macintosh HD' icon).

Within the Finder window, click on Macintosh HD, Applications and Hewlett-Packard. as shown in the screenshot below, then double click on HP Scan.

Initiate scan

Click on the [Scan] button as shown in the screenshot below.

Choose document type and scan it

Place the document on the scanner. Choose [Documents] or [Pictures] according to the type material you are scanning and click [Scan]. (see note below on document types).

Document types: an explanation

To save you the hassle of having to set all the options (colours, resolution, scale, file format...) for each scan, HP use two 'profiles' with all the appropriate options already set, and you just need to chose between them . 'Photos' are typically single pages, scanned in full colour and saved in JPEG format. 'Documents' , in contrast, are multi-page documents which are scanned in monochrome (or possibly in a limited number of colours, I didn't check), and saved in PDF format. 

This distinction should work well much of the time, but when it doesn't bear the following in mind:
  1. You can change the settings within a profile for a particular session. For example, you can save an image in PDF format, or you can scan a one page document simply by stopping the scan after one page.
  2. If colour  is important (e.g. scanning a piece of art), scan the object as a photo.
  3. The 'document' format is particularly useful for keeping file sizes small and, of course, for mulltipage documents.

Save the scanned document

Once the document is scanned, you  you can save it to disc by clicking on the floppy disc icon or from the menu (File=>Save...). 

Edit images as necessary in Preview

Once saved, ensure that that scan looks good by opening it in your Mac (i.e. double clicking on it on the desktop, or whereever you saved it). In all likelihood, the file will be opened by the 'Preview' program, which will allow you to rotate the image, and also to crop it (by drawing a rectrangle over the area you want to keep and choosing Cut or Crop from the menu). If you alter the document in Preview, remember to save it!