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Converting documents to Word

You have two word-processing packages on your computer: Pages and LibreOffice. Both use their own file format but to exchange documents with others, it is often best to use the Word format (".DOC" or ".DOCX"). This can be done quite easily in either Pages or LibreOffice:

In Pages

  1. Choose File=>Save
  2. Name the document and choose the folder as usual, then tick the option which reads "Save copy as: Word Document" and click [Save]
Choose "Save Copy in Word"

In LibreOffice

  1. Choose File=>Save As...
  2. Name the document and choose a folder to save it in as usual.
  3. Change the File type to "Microsoft Word 97/20000/XP/2003 (.DOC)" and click [Save]

NB: Pages can only deal with documents in .PAGES and .DOC format. LibreOffice, on the other hand, can open and save documnents in .ODT (its native format), .DOC and .DOCX and in many other formats. Therefore, while you may author documents in Pages, you'll need to edit many documents you receive in LibreOffice.