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HP LJ4000TN notes


Introduced 1997, discontinued 1999. Supports PCL 5-6 & PS. 4MB RAM. 17ppm. 

Networking notes

  • Jock's printer has been upgraded with this NIC: J3110A - HP JETDIRECT 600N 10BASE-T (RJ-45) EIO NETWORK INTERNAL PRINT SERVER PC BOARD (£10.50!)
  • IP is set statitcally on the printer, but not reserved on the router, as it is not showing up on router, and printer's web interface requires Java, which is blocked.

Driver configuration notes

  • Windows 7 & 8 don't have the drivers out of the box, but a "Windows Update" during installation will fetch them.
  • Best performance seems to come from PCL5.
  • The default configuration prevents printing of multiple copies. To fix:
    1. Go into Printer Properties
    2. Click Device settings
    3. Change Mopier Mode to Disabled.