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Joyce Paterson

Background 6/10/10

I have a desktop and a laptop (dell 600, Win XP, Outlook 2007). Internet connection is okay  as Desktop okay. Laptop connected to internet via ethernet cable or WiFi (signal= 5 bars). Connection is via BT home hub w. 2 ethernet sockets. Laptop is used for business-type work only (no music etc).

Laptop deails:  Dell Latitude D600, 1.4 GHz CPU, 512 MB RAM, C: is currently 68% free  (19.25GB free).Win XP, Outlook 2007.
Basic specs at CNET  , manual at Dell,  RAM upgrade at Crucial.

Laptop problem

  1. Until 10 days ago all was well. Since then, when I click on send/receive in Outlook it says there is a problem.   I have tried to troubleshoot without success.
  2. Laptop is also very slow.  Could it be needing extra memory?

Update  20/10/10

Cannot connect to internet over WiFi (despite excellent signal) but can connect via Ethernet.
  • Agreed she would try to disable all firewalls (2?) and if that helps, will try enabling the Windows one and see if connection remains active.