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Lynn Abrams

Powerline adapter

For a fast, reliable connection betweeen your router and your desktop PC, I suggest a pair of Powerline adapters such as these:

Transcription software

As I mentioned when I saw you, a variety of programs exist which can assist in transcribing text. Most allow to to type while listening to the sound file, and control playing (start/stop, slow down etc) all from within the one program, which can often by controlled by pedal(s). You can get USB pedals from a variety of sources, a couple of which are mentioned below. For a fuller review of software for timeline-based material (i.e. audio and/or video), see the University of Surrey's site CAQDAS, but here are some relevant products (all free, unless otherwise noted):
  • Express Scribe - excellent  transcription software from NCH in Australia. Works with a variety of pedals (or indeed without one), and utilises three pedals well (e.g. play/stop, rewind, skip). The company makes a huge range of other software, most of it audio/video related, and in my experience their software is really good. The only down side is that the free software comes with a variety of 'strings', such as shortcuts to non-free software in your start menu. Still worth while though!
  • F4 - another transcription program which is broadly similar to Express Scribe. It was originally written by a PhD student (sociology? Anthropology? can't remember which)  who needed such a package, and wrote it to fit their needs. As such, it's quite well thought out. You can use the [F4] key to start/stop playing, and it has useful features such as T marks ('bookmarks' for points in the recording). In my opinion, you would need to try both F4 and Express Scribe to decide which is better for your purposes.
  • Annotape - A different and interesting transcription product. This software is meant to allow you to work directly on recorded material, without necessarily transcribing all of it (although you can use it for that too). It lets you listen to the material and label ('tag') parts of it, thus creating a 'map' of the interview (or whatever the recording holds). It may or may not be suitable for your needs, but is certainly worth checking out.
  • USB Foot Pedal - a simple, single pedal for just £6.69.
  • USB 3 Triple Foot Pedal - a more sophisticated, 3 pedal system. £19.58.

Resetting proxy settings

Win 7/IE 9 

Leave to Oron

Resetting Firefox proxy settings

1.    From the Firefox menu, choose Options.

2.    Click the /Advanced\ tab and click [Settings...]

3.    Choose (*) No Proxy.

4.    Click [OK] and [OK] again to return to the main Firefox screen.

You may need to restart the browser for the new settings to take effect.


There's an excellent deal available at the moment on the Lexmark X264dn, which is selling for £132 inc. VAT and delivery. It's a networked 'all in one' device which can print, scan, copy and fax. It is a duplex printer (i.e. it can print on both sides of the paper) and has a network interface, so you can share all its functions across the household.

It comes with a 'starter' cartridge sufficient for 1,500 pages, but ordinary cartridges are rated at 3,500 pages, and 'high yield' ones at 9,000 pages. Toner price per page is in the region of 2p per page, which is well below the standard for printers under £200 (but then again, the printer sells elsewhere for £250).

I've read reviews and got feedback from my client, as well as trying it myself, and I am very impressed with the printer. If you feel that it would be useful to have any of the functions of this device, then you should consider getting it! And no, I don't get a commission from Lexmark (in fact, I usually don't recommend them on the grounds of cost...).