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How to remove a message stuck in Outlook's outbox

How to send large files

If a file is too large to attach to an email message (say, above 10 MB or so), it may not go through the email system, either at your end (restrictions within Outlook and your ISP's system) or at the other end. At this point, it's better to upload the file to the web and send the recipient a link which they can use to download it.

Method 1: use Dropbox

  1. Within the Dropbox folder, there's a folder called 'Public'. Open it and within it, open the folder called 'attachments'.
  2. Put a copy of the file you want to send in the 'attachments' folder (you can do this using  'Save As...', dragging the file in Explorer or using Copy and Paste or indeed, any other method).
  3. RIGHT-click the file, and in the pop-up menu choose Dropbox=>Copy Public Link (in the screenshot below I'm doing this for the document called 'test file').
  4. In Outook, paste the link into the message. When you send the message, the recipient can simply click on the link to be taken to a web page containing the file.

TIP: If you need to send a large number of attachments, ZIP them first and put the zipped file into the attachments folder. You then only need one link in your message, easier for you and for your recipient.

Method 2: use 2Shared

The method above is fairly easy to use, but has a couple of drawbacks. One drawback is that it eats into your Dropbox allocation (only a problem if you send a lot of very large files). The other is that it does not give you true security in that the files are not password protected (although only people who have the link to it can get it). If either of these is a concern, use a file sharing site such as 2Shared.
  1. In your web browser, go to  (see screenshot)
  2. Click on [Choose File], locate the file and open it, then click [UPLOAD IT!]. If you have more than one file, repeat this step as necessary (or you can use the 'Multi-Upload' option).

  1. When the uplpoad is complete, the screen will change to something like the screenshot below. Copy the the download link, switch to Outlook and paste it into your email message.
    You can also go to the administration page and set a password on the download and change some other options.

NAS Notes

Attached below is the user guide for your NAS.
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