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Rose Marie Millar

Here's a list of equipment which I've selected specifically for you base on your requirements, namely:
  • Suitable for Photographic work using Photoshop etc.
  • As future proof and reliable as possible
  • Good value and within the budget.
NB: All prices include VAT, but not necessarily shipping.

1. Base Units

Acer Aspire M3920

 CPUIntel Core i5-2300 2.8GHz
 H. Disc1TB
 GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce GT420
 Warranty1 year
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

2. Monitors

These are 23" monitors which use IPS technology. While they are more expensive than  ordinary (TN) monitors, they offer much better colour, and within their price bracket these are considered to be the best "graphics" screens. Natrurally, you get what you pay for, so the ViewSonic may not be every bit as good ass the Dell or the NEC, but reviews on the internet are very positive about it too.

Make/Model    PriceSource 
NEC MultiSync EA232WMi£240.94

3. Monitor Colour Calibrator

Since good colour rendition is important to you, I left some slack in the budget for a colour calibrator. These are not so expensive nowadays, and can make a huge difference to the performance of the monitor.

One which I have seen recommended in a number of places (and indeed have used an earlier version of) is the Eye One Display 2, which you can buy for £128.70 from Amazon ( 

Or, you can see a list of other models on the Jigsaw website.

4. Adobe Photoshopt Elements 9

This costs £55.37 from  Adobe's UK shop .

5. Extended warranty for PC (to be confirmed)

The base unit is only guaranteed for one year, but you can buy an extended warranty for it separately:

Acer Warranty - 3yr Collect and Return for Acer Aspire Desktops and TFT Models £71.99 inc. vat

Reference no. 1423284N
Acer Repair Centre
Unit M Eagle Road
Plymouth PL7 5JY