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Backing up onto a USB Flash Drive

Note: In the instructions below, I assume your flash drive is called 'Kingston' and is your G: drive, but obviously you should check the actual details before proceeding. All you need to do is open 'My Computer' and check the drive letters. The USB drive will usually have a distinctive name and possibly a different icon than other drives.

Backing up your Email Address Book

  • Start up your email and open your address book
  • From the menu, choose File=>Export=>Address Book (WAB)... (see screenshot)
  • Change the drive letter to G: (or whatever the USB drive is). The easiest way to do this is to type G:\ and press [Return].
  • Once you are in the correct drive (check inb hte 'Save in' area at the top of the window), give the file a name, such as 'address book' and click [Save].

Backing up your photos

  • In 'My Computer', find the 'My Pictures' folder, but don't open it!
  • RIGHT-click on it, and choose Send To=>Kingston (G:) as shown in the screenshot below.

TIP: this will work not just for your photos, but for any other file or folder. Just right-click and send-to!