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Sian Reynolds

Sending large attachments with Dropbox

GMail has an upper limit of 20MB per message, but recipient systems may not be able to deal with such large messages, so for attachments larger than about 5MB, the best way to send them is to post them somewhere on the web and send the link to the other party. It's fairly easy to do this with Dropbox:
1. Start writing an email message to your correspondent.
2. Save the file in question into the 'Public' folder in your Dropbox folder.
2. Control-click (or RIGHT-click if your mouse has two buttons), and from the menu choose Copy Public Link.
3. Switch back to your email and paste the link. 

That's it! If you want to test the link, paste it into Safari's address bar and press Return. If all is well, it will probably prompt you to download the file (with some file types they may open directly on the screen instead).

Ink Cartridges for Canon Pixma MP495

Your printer takes two cartridges, a black one, and a colour one. These cartrdiges are available in two versions, 'normal' and 'high capacity'. The High capacity cartridges cost roughly 30% more than the normal ones, but hold twice as much ink, so are much better value. Their part numbers are as follows:

 Black Colour
Hi CapacityPG-512CL-513

It appears no-one makes 'compatible' equivalents to those cartridges. Here are the best deals I was able to find for original Canon cartrdiges:


While no-one appears to make compatible cartridges, there are companies such as this one that will refill existing cartridges for a lower price than a new one, such as . Obviously, I can't vouch for the quality of the refills or the service, but it may be worth exploring.