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Chrome - How to...

add a bookmark

'Favourites' are called 'Bookmarks' in Chrome. Adding a bookmark in Chrome is very straightforward:

1. Click the star on the right of the address line.

2. Choose where to save the bookmark. In most cases, this will be the 'Other bookmarks' folder. If you like, you can also change the bookmark's name at this stage. Click on [Done]

You'll notice that the star is coloured now, rather than hollow. This way, you can tell at a glance whether the page you are looking at is already bookmarked.

Note on bookmark locations: The bookmarks are kept in 'folders', and you can create your own folders. The two basic folders  however are called 'Bookmarks Bar' and 'Other Folders'. The Bookmarks Bar is the area directly beneath the address line, and can be used for the most commonly used bookmarks. The 'Other bookmarks' is the menu on the right, and contains all other bookmarks, including all other folders. 

When you click on thbe 'Folder' menu, it shows you the folders accessed most recently, whatever their location, which is useful, but can also be confusing. If you are unsure about the folders, you can always choose the bottom option - Choose another folder... - which will show you the folders in a logical way.

remove a bookmark

It is really easy to remove a bookmark in Chrome:

1. Visit the page.

2. Click on the yellow star at the right edge of the address line.

The 'bookmark' dialogue box

3. Click Remove.

delete cookies

1. Click on the spanner at the top-right corner, and choose 'Options'.

Choose Spanner=>Options

2. Choose 'Under the Bonnet' on the left, and click on [Clear browsing data...]
Choose 'Under the hood'

3. Choose the options as shown below (or others if appropriate). In most cases, items 'from the beginning of time' should be obliterated. Now click [Clear browsing data].

Choose 'all time', cookies and press [clear]

4. Close the 'Options' tab as shown below.

Close the options tab

change Google Search Options

2. Click the cog at the top-right corner of the page, and choose 'Search settings'.

1. Go to the Google page.

Cog at top-right of Google page

3. Make changes to the search options as you with, then click [Save Preferences].
Settings page

4. A little window will come up to confirm that your preferences have been saved. Click [OK].
Confirmation that changes have been saved

5. In most cases, this is all that's required, but if, after the confirmation, you find that the preferences window has not  gone away, simply click on the 'Google' bookmark on the bookmark bar, which will take you back to the Google page.

print a web page (or part of one)

1. If you want to print only a part of a page, select (highlight) that part first.
2. Click the Spanner at the top-right, and choose Print... (OR press Ctrl+P).Spanner=>Print

2. Choose options from the window as appropriate, and click [Print] (but see next instruction!).

3. If you want to print only the text you highlighted earlier, click the advanced link under the other print options and, in the resulting window, choose 'Selection' and click [Print].

Print Selection dialogue box

Internet Explorer (IE)

How to add a page to the 'Favourites'

Once you are on the page, press [Ctrl]+D (that is, hold down the control key and press d). You will get an opportunity to rename the favourite, and to add it to an existing menu, or to create a new sub-folder.

You can bring up the favourites by clicking on the 'favorites' button on the left:

You can close the favourites bar by clicking on the little icon on its right:

How to Delete Cookies

Press the [Alt] key to bring up IE's menu

From the menu, choose Tools=>Delete Browsing History...

Ensure that the options are ticked as in the screenshot below, and click [Delete].

How to print part of a web page

Web standards were not developed with printing in mind, and as a consequence, many web pages print poorly. In particular, it's annoying to have to print an entire page, with its banner at the top, and navigation links and adverts on the sides, when all you want is the article in the middle of the page. In a separate article, I discuss a number of ways to print only a part of a web page, but the instructions below should suffice in most cases:

1.    Select the text you want to print (see screenshot)
2a.    Bring up the 'print' dialogue box from the toolbar (see screenshot).

2b. Another way to bring up the 'print' dialogue box is the RIGHT-click on the highlighted text and choose 'Print'.

3.    Click 'Selection' in the 'page range' area (see screeshot), then click [Print].


How to  read PDF attachments

  1. In AOL, choose to save the attachments
  2. Choose a logical folder for saving them (for example, in User\Dropbox\<appropriate folder>) and Save the attachment(s) there.
  3. Open Windows Explorer (the icon circled in the picture below) and open the folder you saved the file to.
  4. Find the file and double click on it.
NB: Most of the time, that's all you need to do.  However, if you received multiple attachments, they may sometimes be "packed" into a zip file, which will open in its own window showing a list of documents. You will then need to double-click on each document in the list to open it.

How to locate files when sending attachments

Well, you know how to send attachments, so this is really just about finding the files in the first place!
1. In AOL, click on [Attach File]
2. A window similar to the one below will appear. If necessary, click on the 'My Dropbox' shortcut on the  left. You now have two options:
    1. If you know where the file is, you can find it manually and attach it. You may need to scroll down, and/or open one of the sub-folders to do so, but there's not much more that can be said beyond that.
    2. If you do not know/cant remember where the file is, type a part of its name is the 'Search My Dropbox' area (circled in the screenshot below).

How to print part of an email

If you want to print only some pages from a long email, follow these steps:
  1. Open the email
  2. Click File=>Print Preview from the menu
    AOL File, Print Preview option
  3. Scroll the preview to decide which pages to print
  4. Click [Print...]
  5. Tick the "pages" option and type the page number(s) you with to print, and click [OK] (or "print", whatever the button is called).

Last updated 30/6/2014
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