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Malwarebytes Free installation

Malwarebytes is an excellent security package which can be used in addition to an antivirus to keep your computer safe and clean. There are two versions of the program: premium and free. The premium version's advantage over the free one is that it runs in the background, much like antivirus, updates itself and checks all open files. In contrast, to use the free version you need to start it up and scan the hard drive. Still, for most people this is adequate protection given that it is additional to the antivirus.

The catch

When you install Malwarebytes, it is installed in "trial mode". It offers the full features of the premium version for a period of 15 days with a "nag screen" (see below) and only after that period can you choose to use the free version.

Malwarebytes shows this reminder in the next fifteen hours (right down to the last hour!)

What to do

  1. During the trial period simply close the nag screen by clicking on the X in the corner. 
  2. After the trial period has expired, you will see a different message:
Opt not to have real-time protection

Choose the option "I don't need real-time protection" and click [OK]. You are now in "free" mode and will not be bothered by nag screens again.