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List of Suppliers

In the list below, you will find my main list of IT suppliers. Please read the description of the suppliers carefully before choosing one which is right for you!

General IT Suppliers
  • Amazon - Yes, Amazon is an excellent source for IT goods. Most of the items are sold by independent vendors, but Amazon's search system means it's relatively easy to find a wide variety of items at competitive prices.
  • eBuyer - Personally. my preferred choice. eBuyer have a huge variety of products, all at very competitive prices, and in my experience  have always been very reliable.
  • Aria - Another large IT supplier, Aria always have 'specials' on their web site, and are perhaps the no. 1 shop in the UK for computer screens. Note that their shipping charges for small items are relatively high.
  • RL Supplies - a lesser known, but excellent source for a variety of IT goods. If I have trouble finding a product at the sites above, I usually check RL Supplies.
  • Dabs - a large and well known suppliers of IT equipment. I don't shop there much, but it's too large not to get a mention here!
  • eBay - It is true! You can find almost anything on eBay. There are many commercial IT Vendors who operate on eBay (even 'factory outlet' shops for companies such as Dell and Canon), as well as many individuals selling items. However, eBay is very much like a flea market, and you must take certain precautions:
  1. Choose carefully, and buy with a reason! Standard, new and readily available items such as computers or printer are rarely cheaper on eBay than anywhere else. eBay really only comes into its own for unusual, used and small items, so don't bother looking for an item on eBay unless it falls into on of the latter categories.
  2. Always check check the star ratings and feedback before purchasing. While most businesses on eBay are legitimate and most are very efficient, there is nothing to stop a conman or simply an incompetent person from setting up their stall there.
  3. Check the cost of delivery, and how long it will take! Many items are delivered from the far east so delivery can easily take up to a month, delivery cost may render the savings on item cost irrelevant and on expensive items, you may even need to pay customs. It is easy to miss the small print when it comes to delivery, but very unpleasant when you do!
Specialist suppliers
  • Crucial The place to buy computer memory (RAM)!
  • Shiny Hardware - Cables, cleaning materials and other small accessories, including some hard-to-get items, at reasonable prices and low shipping charges.
  • Memorybits - As the name suggests, memorybits sell memory, such as USB flash drives, camera memory cards etc. They also sell many other small items (card readers, MP3 players, mobile phone accessories etc). I've found memorybits to be a good supplier, but not their prices are not always competitive, so always compare before purchasing from them!
  • Videk - A large supplier of cables and accessories.
  • Rotronic -  Like Videk, a large supplier of cables and accessories. Their shop is not the easiest to use, but at times, they may be the best, or even the only place to get certain items.