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Universal Keyboard Shortcuts (PC & Mac)

Windows programs can be controlled via the mouse, but many commands can also be accessed via so-called 'keyboard shortcuts'. These can really speed up your use of the computer, and will also reduce the strain on your right wrist (which can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome).. The problem of course is having to learn the shortcuts, especially as many shortcuts are specific to individual pieces of software. 

Below, you will find a list of universal shortcuts that work in almost all Windows and Mac programs. These are well worth learning.

To use them, press the [Ctrl] key and the letter listed below. Most of the commands are named after the first letter of the command (e.g. B for Bold), but where this is not possible, I've listed a hint to help you remember the shortcut.

Note for Mac users: use the same shortcuts, but press the Apple key rather than Ctrl.


X Cut scissors...
C  Copy
V Paste Vaste
Z Undo
A Select All   


B Bold 
I Italic
U Underline

File operations

P Print
S Save
N New
O Open 

TIP: You can learn additional shortcuts by looking at the menu of the software you are using. The menu item will be listed on the left, and if there is a shortcut for it, it will be listed on the right. For example, the software may have this entry under the 'File' menu:

Save As...        Ctrl+Shift+S