Margaret Cook's Testimonial

Oron came highly recommended from both friends and my husband as a trouble-shooter in computing problems. My first encounter was when he came at incredibly short notice to help me when my lap-top went berserk after a long holiday. He diagnosed and dealt with my problems with admirable efficiency, also suggesting solutions to some longstanding grumbling issues. All of a sudden I felt empowered! Rather rashly, I took on the editorship of a local group newsletter, something I would not have dreamed of doing without the confidence of continuing support. Indeed, I needed much more than that, I required a comprehensive teach-in on the basics of word-processing, and after a remarkable short time span under Oron’s tutelage, I am imbued with confidence and new skills.
 Oron is an excellent teacher, patient, a good listener and prepared to adapt his teaching style to one’s particular needs and pace. His knowledge of computing matters is encyclopaedic, with an expertise that is matched by enthusiasm. Problems dissolve under his hand and eye in an almost miraculous way! He has a charming computer-side manner, is ready to help at very short notice if he can; and his terms are extremely reasonable. I would wholeheartedly recommend Oron to anyone who needs computer-support, whether on a one-off or a continuing basis.  

Dr Margaret K Cook (or Howie)