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Repair disc

Run Disk Utility from the Installation Disk

• Insert the Mac OS X Install/restore disc that came with your Mac, then restart the computer while holding the C key.
• When you see the Spinning gear, then release the C key
• Once on the Installer screen, select Utilities/Installer menu and choose Disk Utility.
• Click the First Aid tab and select the hard drive icon displaying your Macintosh HD (your hard disk)
• Click Repair disk and Repair Permission. Disk Utility checks and repairs the disk.
• Once completed, quit Disk Utility
• Restart your Mac

Alternate method
  1. Start up in Single User Mode (S)
  2. Type fsck -fy
  3. Once fsck completes, if you see a “File system was modified” message, then you should run “fsck -fy” again until you see a message stating “The volume (name) appears to be OK” – this is standard procedure of using fsck
  4. Type “reboot” to leave Single User Mode and boot the Mac back into OS X as usual.