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Useful software

WinShortcutter - Resolves Windows shortcut files (.lnk) and has many other compatibility features for working within a WIndows-dominant environment.

TimeMachineEditor - Replaces TimeMachine scheduling with its own. Alternatively, edit System/Library/LaunchDaemons and change StartInterval from 3600 to whatever. See also TimeMachineScheduler.

unpkg (extracts applications from "package installers")

iExplorer (display's iOS device's filing system on a Mac)

Some Free Cleanup Utilities

  • CCleaner. Piriform. The grandaddy fo them all. Removes temp files etc and does clean uninstallations of apps.
  • Titanium SoftwareOnyx, Maintenance and Deeper. All are free, and do different things.
  • AppCleaner. Drag & Drop app removal
  • AppTrap. Similar to AppCleaner but neater! Installs itself amongst the Preference panes. Once activated, triggered by dragging an app to the bin!
  • Yasu (compatible with 10.4-10.8). Free, but requires registration:
Email: Free Yasu Code
Code: 33711246

Other Utilities