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Email Clients


To change emClient's scroll bar to normal width, download the attached file "Orons Theme.emtheme", import it into emClient (menu>>Tools>>Settings>>Appearance>>Themes>>Import..., then choose it from the list and [Apply] it.

How to enable  'send to mail recipient as attachment' in GMail

Use tvhgooglemapi (free, open source), MAPI4Webmail (19.80 euros) or Affixa (£2 per year).

Windows Live Mail (Microsoft)
Version: Windows Live Mail 2011 (as of 10/4/2013)
Default storage location: "%appdata%\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail"

Changing default storage location

  • File=>Options=>Mail...
  • /Advanced\ [Maintenance...]
  • [Store Folder...]
Storage location window

Orons Theme.emtheme
Oron Joffe,
3 Sept 2018, 02:49