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Rebuild system

To start rebuild


  • Press ALT+F10 at startup, use Acer "eRecovery"


  • Press F12 at startup
  • On some models: press F8 at startup, Advanced Boot Options, Repair Your Computer, Dell Factory Image Restore (or via Windows' own "repair" options).
  • For full article on Dell laptops, see this link.


  • Press F11 at startup
Buying restore discs
Article on getting restore discs LINK (this seems to be out of date, Dell charge £47.46 per set!).

To enter BIOS
Good list:
For additional combinations SEE HERE.

Acer: F12 / F2
ASUS: F8 / Del
ASROCK: F2 / Del
Compaq: F10 /Esc
Dell: F12 / Del
eMachines: F10
Gateway: F10
Intel: F2
HP: Usually F10 or F1
Lenovo/IBM: Thinkvantage button or F11
Sony: F3 / F2
Toshiba: F2 on some Satellite models; F12 on others. See  LIST for other models.

To select boot device during POST:
Usually F11 or F12, sometimes F8

Tech Support numbers

Dell  0844 9 959 696